What’s up with this book pirating thing?

Julie Antonovich Reece

 We’re on the lookout for pirates!

Why … ?

I’m, um, … one, two, three, four—thirteen days from my debut novel Crux being released. Whoa. *shakes head* Absolutely mind blowing, right? There are a lot of emotions and thoughts rattling around in my head, but of all the notions vying for top billing, I didn’t think worry over pirating would be amongst them.

Since I’m new, I’m watching other debut authors that have released books ahead of me, and … Wait, no, not the ‘creepy stalker’ sort of watching. The ‘I’m so in awe of you, can I learn from you Obi Wan’ sort of watching. Anyhoo, one of those people is amazing YA author and new friend Stephanie Lawton. She wrote a fantastic article on piracy, you can read here: http://stephanielawton.com/2012/06/24/for-writers-steps-to-deal-with-book-piracy/ , because her debut novel Wantwas illegally downloaded pretty much instantly.

Pirated copies of writer friend, Claire Gillian’s debut…

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