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It’s a question asked often. I mean, I’m a writer. Don’t I write all the time? What’s the purpose of setting aside a whole month to reach fifty thousand words if you’re meeting deadlines you’ve set for yourself?

The truth is, people, if I can say “November is my writing month” I ‘generally’ get slack from family and friends for sequestering myself in my basement cave to pound the keys. I wish I could say I annnounce that I’m going to write/edit/etc and there was not a peep from my household about it. Sorry, I’m not that lucky. Every writer has that person in their life that think they’re wasting their time. If you have one of them, ignore their negativity. They don’t get it and never will. Don’t try and sway them to your side with cookies. Just write.

For me, NaNo is the chance to crank out a…

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About Kastil

Pam is a slave to the corporate engine, toiling away in the labors of retail sales for the military. In her spare time, and away from the constraints of her master’s whip, she finds pleasure in writing anything from fantasy to romance; which sometimes parallels each other. When the writing bug isn't firmly gnawing on her hide, she takes the time to let her artistic side come out. Her work can be found on J.A. Belfield's debut novel Darkness & Light.
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