NaNo is all about the drive and the journey.

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Ah those 30 nights of literary abandon. They warp your mind and soul and make you wonder if it’s all worth it. It is if you have passion and a want to hone your craft. The most important thing to remember is once NaNo is complete, your manuscript is not. No one’s that clean, not even the writers that to do it for a living.

Your first run through is always a rough draft. Hell, you might not even finish it during NaNo. Most novels are more than 50k long. What NaNo does is give you the jump start you need. Which brings me to Ghosts in the Mirror. Ghosts was my 2009 project and it drained me. I barely made it over the finish line of 50k because I just couldn’t write any more. I originally had it in a couple of PoVs and wanted to make it…

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About Kastil

Pam is a slave to the corporate engine, toiling away in the labors of retail sales for the military. In her spare time, and away from the constraints of her master’s whip, she finds pleasure in writing anything from fantasy to romance; which sometimes parallels each other. When the writing bug isn't firmly gnawing on her hide, she takes the time to let her artistic side come out. Her work can be found on J.A. Belfield's debut novel Darkness & Light.
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