The method of writing–it ain’t written in stone, ya know

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Nah, in case you’re wondering—this isn’t a heavy post about how writing has evolved over the centuries, and I promise not to start spouting my knowledge (or lack of) of the history of authors and their styles.

This is merely an acknowledgement of how I’ve changed as a writer. As in, learned to adapt.

It’s not uncommon for aspiring writers to approach authors and ask: I want to write a book, how do I start? How do I write it? I have an idea in my head but don’t know how to get it out?

Other than the most common answer of: Well, how about you just start writing and see where it goes, kind of answer, I’m slowly coming to realise that you can’t give a more in depth answer, because it’s simply just not that cut and dry.

Now, before I get a tonne of hate…

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About Kastil

Pam is a slave to the corporate engine, toiling away in the labors of retail sales for the military. In her spare time, and away from the constraints of her master’s whip, she finds pleasure in writing anything from fantasy to romance; which sometimes parallels each other. When the writing bug isn't firmly gnawing on her hide, she takes the time to let her artistic side come out. Her work can be found on J.A. Belfield's debut novel Darkness & Light.
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