An Editing Technique – Reverse Outline

I like this idea!

Diamond State Romance Authors

This month I started, finally, editing the manuscript I’ve been working on for the past year.  My editing technique still needs some perfecting, but I’m learning and it really is progressing. This week, reading through my roll of blogs to which I subscribe I ran across a blog about editing. It is written by an editor-now-writer. In it she brought up several areas that should be addressed, but she also presented a way to fix problems. One of the methods of fixing plot issues is  reverse outlining.

Reverse outlining? What in tarnation is that? My brain is thinking I start at the end of the story and work my way to the beginning. Hahahaha.  Not quite.

The principle is simple. Write your story. For each segment/paragraph write a sentence summarizing the gist of what’s going on. When you’re finished the outline will give a concise view of the plot or…

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Pam is a slave to the corporate engine, toiling away in the labors of retail sales for the military. In her spare time, and away from the constraints of her master’s whip, she finds pleasure in writing anything from fantasy to romance; which sometimes parallels each other. When the writing bug isn't firmly gnawing on her hide, she takes the time to let her artistic side come out. Her work can be found on J.A. Belfield's debut novel Darkness & Light.
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